Monday, April 30, 2012

Permanent Beta I am, I am

Ok, this is entirely not fair.  I've always been a permanent beta kind of gal.  I just didn't have a cool name for it.  Then Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha come up with permanent beta.  And just because the co-founded this little web site called Linked In, they get all the credit. Hmmm. (smile) 

Well, just remember, I was the creator of the term "The Text Generation."

Actually, I came on line to update my page.  But, Google is trying to make me go to Google Chrome by saying my page won't work until I fall in line, get with the program, drink the cool goog aid.

So, I'll go to my Mac and work around the rules.  After all, I'm a NYU Tisch grad with violet nails to prove it.  I oughta be able to outsmart this thing....or not. 

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