Saturday, October 23, 2010

Serialized Novel, Part 7

Amelia walks into the living room. Looks at the family photos in the bookcase. Notices one particular solid brass frame with a photo of a woman in it. Carries it back to the kitchen.

‘Who’s this in this frame,” asks Amelia.

“It’s your cousin, Idolly.”
Amelia’s face darkens discernibly.

“This is the frame I sent to Daddy’s hospital room. With my photo in it.”

Ruby doesn’t even bother to look up.

“The frame you sent was too good for County General Hospital,” says Ruby.
“I switched it and gave him an old one. Somebody woulda’ stole your frame.”

“Apparently somebody did.”

Home five minutes and Ruby’s pulling at her nerves.

But, Ruby’s already dismissed Amelia’s feelings about her father. Amelia wants to dismiss Ruby.

“Aren’t you on your way to the store?” asks Amelia sweetly.

“Oh yes, the commuters will be coming soon. And those construction guys will be wanting some fresh coffee.”

Ruby notices a pea-sized drop of tea spilt on the table. She rushes to put a saucer under Amelia’s cup before she dares to commit another household felony.

“Mom, that 7-11 those guys are building wants to put you out of business.”

But, Ruby knows best and would never second guess herself, even in the face of blatant business strategy.

“They pay good money for hot coffee.”

“And one of them whistled at me.”

“That’s why I always tell you girls to wear a girdle.”

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